Lately there have been comments on Writer’s Block. From writers, I mean.

A lot of smart comments of my own ran through my head. Smart, as in smart-ass. Things to show how clever I am, to jump on the bandwagon. Sneer at the concept, laugh at the thought that lesser folks suffer from this.

But if I look in the mirror, I see a writer who is at times ‘blocked’ — if unblocked means writing perfectly anytime, anywhere. I can’t quite manage that, you see. Oh, I can put fingers to keyboard and type, of course. Some of it may even make sense. But some of it is useless. Less than useless – I’d have been better off researching or brainstorming plot pivots.

For me, the key is figuring out why the block.

There are times I simply don’t know where the story is headed. Or times when I’ve used a heavy hand to drag a character in a direction he/she doesn’t truly want to go. Made them do something against their nature, you see. Or I’m tired, and need to relax and do something else. Something physical, like walking the dog or (gasp) cleaning the kitchen.

Fill the well.

It’s as important to nurture ourselves as our work. To keep us at our best, so we can give our best. Perhaps all artists do better with nurturing.

Perhaps all people do better.

So these days when I find myself blocked, I pretend it’s nothing more than a riddle to solve over latte.

But I still don’t tell anyone about it.


NOTE: As I revamp my website, I’m posting a few old blogs — to test as well as to share.

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