Checking those Winner Lists

I got a “Winners Announced” email the other day.

You know that feeling, right? When you hastily click on it, frantically scan the list. And slowly realize your name isn’t there. So you delete the email with a particularly painful stab of the finger.

Being a Tech Savvy Writer

There are two reasons for a sharp indie author (such as myself) to setup his or her own website with all the effort that entails. One is to keep up with the rapidly changing internet world, making changes when desired instead of waiting on some support person.

The other is being cheap.

Indie Publishing and the Kitchen Sink

As an indie writer – and still a fledging, really – it’s my responsibility to come to grips with the marketing nuances.

My first blip on Amazon’s blue line meant someone had borrowed my book. A real turning point for pros such as myself. “Rented!” I told my husband. “My book’s been rented!!”

“But does that pay anything?” he asked. He doesn’t comprehend the full amount of study, of reading and evaluating that a sharp indie such as myself does.

“If no one else rents a book this month, I get 1.2 million dollars.”