Latin. A school in ancient Rome for the study of arts. From the Greek Athēnaion, a temple of Athena, from Athēnē. 

First Known Use: 1799

The Legend of the Gamesmen


 Mike Terlizzi created these maps. He's a huge Arizona Cardinals fan -- as am I.

We first met on a wonderful Cardinals fan website, where I wrote articles on the team. Says Mike, "If you do put my name up there you have to mention that I’m a huge fan of your writing from all the way back when you were just writing great little stories on the Cardinals.  I liked you before you were famous.  :^)"


Gamesmen Status

The Legend of the Gamesmen is a 3 book series: The Birr Elixir; The Agben School, and The Dim Continent. With all the intriguing bits in the fantasy world, my intention is to write more 'stand alone' books. 

2/27/2017:  I've written 22,000 words of the third book, The Dim Continent. I'm anticipating a summer release, possibly July or August.


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