Academy of Zaria - believes the stars guide everything. Towers are created for this study; only males are permitted to do so. Zaria no longer allows Trumen to study. 
Agben - The house of herbal studies. 
Agben School - occupies a full city block in Missea. It is the home of the Women of Agben, and the place of study for the two herb disciplines. Any female may ask to learn, but not all will become Women of Agben. 
Ashbark powder, worn by male Terrin to create a glowing aura around their body. 
Banyon tree – a tree found in the Palace Garden, a rare thing from the Dim continent. 
Bray dust - a thick, tall moss on the Dim Continent. Thickens any mixture, makes the effects last a very long time. Keeps mixture from 'fading'.
Beetlebush - tall and very thick bush, grows in Agben gardens. 
Black Arena - see Gold Harbor Arena
Blinks of the sun - roughly translates to almost a minute of time.
Brushfoot - very large, powerful horse. Used more for heavy labor.
Creesby - Port City of the Dim Continent, gateway to the Dim Continent.
Crys bark - on the Flats. Sort of a poor man's Trevor seed.
Devon - Sandy flats town (Wavering Continent)
Dru Weed - stimulates heart and blood. Must be properly dried by hanging upside down, so the thick sap in the stalk trickles back into feather light leaves, before crushing to use.
Elderbath: tiny white leaf - not a flower. smelled so good she had to suppress the urge to chew it. A powerful tea - very hard to find.
Epourney - the literal journey of manhood, taken by the elite Skullan to learn the world. Most, however, rarely leave the Great Continent.
Eutykia  - the goddess of luck, revered by the Terrin, unknown by all others except for citizens of Creesby.
Gajh - can be used to determinate of the health or harm to a man contained within a substance. 
Gold Harbor - in the Skullan city of Missea, and largest harbor on the Great Continent. 
Gold Harbor Arena - the legendary Black Arena, largest arena in the known world. Constructed of poured black stone, host to the top tier Skullan Comet games. It's on the Gold Harbor of the city of Missea.
Heartbeats - roughly one second of time.
Hester - Sandy flats town (Wavering Continent)
Illsmith - good for sore muscles. Place a pinch in your palm, pour a little oil, and rub on affected area until skin feels hot. Can also be ingested - use half that amount in a glass half-filled with water. Must drink quick, and swallow nothing more for an hour.
Kwitt - a wild, rare grass from the Dim Continent. Said to be a powerful relaxant by Kirth; Steen says it is a suppressant. Can trick the mind into not thinking. 
Kyra - an ancient battle cry. Said to be used by the Trumen before battles against the Skullan of old; more recently used in a few legendary Comet games played by Raston against the Skullan. 
Licorice - ingredient used to camouflage other smells.
Missea - the ruling city of the Skullan empire.
Muck Barn - a place where food and board can be had in exchange for a man's labor. 'Muck' hints at the level of labor, and barn hints at the level of room and board.
Myrrcleft - a very rare bulbous root. Provides a balanced energy for physical exertion. 
Peet carnation - powerful internal cleanser. Removes toxins from both Skullan and Trumen bodies. Very common in Missea; grows just outside the city walls – indeed, in flower pots within.
Platt - thick vine plants that cover the swamp jungle. Provides a way to walk across the swamp.
Port Leet - largest city on the Wavering Continent; site of the Summer Solstice Comet game, biggest game in the desert. 
Put-togethers -  comet teams made up of men hoping to be noticed and picked up by true teams.
Rag-oil - a diluted oil that lasts much longer but provides a fainter light. Used for passageways, so one could see well enough to walk, but would not be encouraged to linger.
Ragwhort - ingredient in Birr Elixir, mostly provides a base. 
Red Storm - the name of Raston's legendary Trumen Comet team. 
Snow Daisy - grows on the highest mountains. Rare, usually put into a tincture to preserve the properties. 
Terrin - Tryst has a toy Terrin said to be from the Dim Continent. It has a round belly, squashed head, and green tusks. 
Trevor seed - grows on the Great Continent. Boosts the key ingredients in any mixture. Britta's Trevor seed is specially treated, providing twice the boost. Her special recipe for this is lost. Releases a sweet oily puff when crushed, and loses potency if boiled. 
Twilly - the bulb of the plant is used to calm a patient. It's big white flower has crooked, pointy leaves.
Wood moss - can be made into a paste that will cling to the skin for days, even if washed. Adding almost any herb to it means the effect lasts much longer.