Twitter Ecology

Being an indie author is a challenge. Because of the distractions, for one thing.

Distractions such as succumbing to the temptation to check sales reports six times an hour, or trying to figure out social media. Even, occasionally, performing real work to pay the bills.

My DOM – Distraction of the Moment – is Twitter ‘De-tweeting’.

The Lofty Goal of Twitter Influencer

“You need to be a Twitter Influencer.”

Apparently that’s how I’ll be successful. That’s how I’ll show my prowess, prove my true worth. So naturally the next question is, how do I become one?

“Well, you need to be active,” Becky said. I was! “You’ve got to have followers.” I did!

“You must follow very few people in return.” Thus my dream of Twitter power died on the spot.

Finding Mental Health on Twitter

I found a real catharsis on Twitter.

If you google that word (catharsis, not Twitter) you’ll find two definitions. The second is purgation, a cleansing or purification. The first is the process of that release. Odd, as they both fit so well.

No, I didn’t follow a super genius psychologist, or someone beating the drum of self-actualization. I found something so much better.