Indie Publishing and the Kitchen Sink

As an indie writer – and still a fledging, really – it’s my responsibility to come to grips with the marketing nuances.

My first blip on Amazon’s blue line meant someone had borrowed my book. A real turning point for pros such as myself. “Rented!” I told my husband. “My book’s been rented!!”

“But does that pay anything?” he asked. He doesn’t comprehend the full amount of study, of reading and evaluating that a sharp indie such as myself does.

“If no one else rents a book this month, I get 1.2 million dollars.”

Writer’s Block

Lately there have been comments on Writer’s Block. From writers, I mean.

A lot of smart comments of my own ran through my head. Smart, as in smart-ass. Things to show how clever I am, to jump on the bandwagon. Sneer at the concept, laugh at the thought that lesser folks suffer from this.

But if I look in the mirror …